Tilt and Turn Windows

Our premier window at no extra cost!  Tilt and turn windows are uniquely efficient and offer many benefits.  The design of this window means it is the best choice for optimum ventilation with the outside air channeled through the sides of the window.

The window handle has 3 position, down for locked, to the side to open in the turn position and up for the tilt position.  Turning the handle controls the mechanics and multi-point locking mechanism within the frame.  In the tilt position, the operating mechanism allows the sash to tilt inwards and lock in place providing a degree of security and optimum ventilation while the window is open.  In the turn position, the sash (hinged at the side) enables the window to open inwards to 180 degrees.  In this position, the outside glass can be easily cleaned from the inside and the window serves as an effective emergency escape.  In addition, tilt & turn windows offer the highest security and are easily fly screened.  

The tilt and turn window has been popular in Europe and America for many decades and is gaining popularity in Australia along with uPVC as an alternative to aluminium and timber.  

Fly screen option: External fixed screen

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