Casement Window

Casement windows are a traditional design of window that are hinged at the side and can be either left or right opening.  Our casement windows are easily opened and closed with the turn of a handle.  They are able push out to a generous 90 degrees for excellent air flow and easy cleaning of the outside glass from the inside.   Like all our windows, our double glazed casement windows feature a rubber gasket on the frame and sash so the window is airtight when closed, eliminating draughts and providing additional noise reduction. 

Both our awning and casement systems are fitted with European friction stay hinges and mushroom cam locking espagnolettes providing excellent security. Locking or non-lockable handles are available.

Fly Screen option: Internal fixed screen or Retractable 

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View examples of our double glazed casement windows 

Casement window with feature federation barsCasement window with fixed side pane