Benefits of Double Glazing in Tasmania

Efficient Thermal Insulation

Regardless of the climate, windows and doors from Elite Double Glazing will create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. The problems of draughts and condensation that are so common during Tasmanian winters are eliminated.
More than 40% of household energy can be lost through single glazed conventional windows. Our windows have a U-value of 2.3 as standard, performing up to four and a half times better than traditional aluminium windows. The energy ratings of our windows and doors can be enhanced by varying the type and thickness of glass used. Our sound proof windows for Tasmanian conditions also cut down on external noise nearly eight times better than traditional windows.

Weather Resistance

The unique properties of our profile protect our windows and doors from altering under extreme temperature or weather conditions.  Our windows and doors are rated to withstand Tasmania’s high UV levels in Tasmania and are ideal for properties that are exposed to strong wind, heavy rain or salty air.  Our frames are guaranteed not to warp, rust, rot or fade.

Save Money

Spend less money on heating and cooling your home.  Our windows can reduce energy consumption by 50-80% while you enjoy the benefits of a quite, draught fee and comfortable environment.

Noise Reduction

All our windows offer double sealing, multi point locking and sealed double glazing as standard. These features combine to reduce noise by at least 50%.  Noise can be reduced by up to 8 times compared to single glazing.

Excellent Security

Our windows and doors are fully steel reinforced with high tech multi point locking mechanisms providing security that is built in not bolted on.

Low Maintenance

Our windows and doors do not require any sanding or painting.  Simply wipe clean as required and lubricate locks and latches yearly - that's it!

Environmentally Friendly

Our windows are fully recyclable.  They have double the life span of aluminium windows, triple that of timber and use less energy in production.

Fire Retardant / Self-extinguishing

uPVC will not support combustion and will self extinguish.  Our windows and doors are ideal for bush fire prone areas.  Our windows are rated to a BAL (bush fire attack level) 29.

Add value and improve the appearance of your home

Our range of colours and a wide variety of configurations allow you to complement the design of your building.  Our profile is unique in its appearance with soft rounded lines that provide the same aesthetics from both the inside and outside.  With the best value sound proof windows Tasmania wide,it is possible to add significant value to your home with homebuyers now consciously seeking houses with energy and cost saving features.

If you wish to discuss the benefits of double glazed and sound proof windows for your Tasmanian home, feel free to call us.